Are you ready for transformation?

No BS - 

 Just Results.   

Fitness Expertise and Mindset I have learned as a

Navy SEAL Now Available To You.


Testing Yourself is a Class Away.   

You can go beyond what you think!  As a Navy SEAL, we learn how to break mental barriers to achieve.  You can stay stuck treading water or start swimming to attack your fitness goals. Regardless of your age, gender, profession anyone can Conquer their body.  I will help create a better you that is healthy mentally and physically.   Through my Conquer programs take control and create the best you. HOOYAH!


—  Jim Mora, UCLA Head Coach

“Most impactful thing I have done since I have been here.”



$159/mo Now Only $99/mo

"You want a no BS experience? Ray and his team brings it!  Massive impact."

-Scott Hansen 

Daytona Beach, FL 

Here's Why I'm Doing This...

Here's how I see it: As a Navy SEAL my mind and body is the weapon.  


I have taken tips, trade secrets and years of education and decided that I want t help YOU become a weapon and start to CONQUER life. I wanted to bring something that will build a better YOU. 

Here's how it works...



Email us and we will discuss your goals.



Decide what program is good for your group.



A stronger body and a stronger mind.  We will deploy to you to run through a unique experience.

Why Does It work?

SEALs understand from the lowest rank to the highest that a solid mission plan is essential. There is no hierarchy in planning or debrief, only execution and results. As a business leader, you only get paid for done. As SEALS we only win when the bad guys are killed or captured.

No plan survives the first contact! Adaptability, agility, and problem-solving in the face of adversity is the lifeblood of the SEAL Teams and the factor that determines success in your business.

Mission focused not individually focused: void of personal grievance the mission remains the priority — one task, one team with one focus, success.

See Me In Action

"The Selection"
"The Selection"

History Channel "The Selection"

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Ultimate Hell Week
Ultimate Hell Week

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Ultimate Solider
Ultimate Solider


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